Seymour searching for the perfect Christmas tree in residents’ backyards

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SEYMOUR--A hallmark of the perfect Christmas is having the perfect Christmas tree.

And Seymour First Selectman Kurt Miller knows how important that small--or, rather, big--detail is.

"We wanted to branch out this year to see if we can get a better tree, kind of have that Rockefeller Center-type experience for someone," Miller said.

And that decision didn't come out of thin air. It came from the town.

"Yeah, the tree that we got last year, when we put it up there were a group of people that weren't happy with the tree itself," Miller explained. "They thought it wasn't tall enough, they thought it wasn't full enough."

Lifelong resident George Bashura agreed. "It was ok, I mean, it wasn't spectacular."

So this year, they're starting sooner in the search for the perfect evergreen, and they're getting residents involved, asking locals to nominate and donate trees.

In terms of requirements, there aren't any, but they do want something grand.

"Obviously we don't expect a 100-foot tree like they have down in New York, but if we could get something that was 20 or 25 feet high I think that would be nice," Miller said.

Miller, along with those who criticized last year's holiday feature, will go out and inspect every submission so that the town can find the perfect tree before this year's holiday pageant.

The deadline for residents to submit pictures of the trees they'd like to submit is October 22, and a decision will be made by November 5. If you want to submit your evergreen, email or call 203-888-2511.