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Photo of Mass. teacher holding student’s baby goes viral

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SPRINGFIELD, Mass. – A photo of a Massachusetts teacher going above and beyond to help one of his student’s graduate is going viral.

The photo shows him holding a student’s baby so she can focus in class.

The student, Kimmy Lopez, posted it on social media Monday night, writing that “teachers are the real MVP.”

A similar thing happened in business class in Nashville in September.

Student and single mother Amanda Osborn couldn’t get child care for her toddler, so she took him to school with her.

Halfway through her business professor’s lecture at DeVry Tech, Amanda’s little boy did what little boys do — he got fidgety.

So she put him down, and he ran right to the professor, who picked him up and kept right on teaching. Amanda snapped a picture and posted it online, and it, too, went viral.

Professor Joel Bunkowske says he never gave it a second thought, because it felt completely natural.

“We’re all in this together,” he said. “to just make an incredible learning experience for anyone who needs a hand up.”