French defense minister: 10 French fighter jets carrying out airstrikes on ISIS targets in Syria

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French Ministry of Defense

SYRIA–France’s defense minister says 10 French fighter jets are carrying out new airstrikes on Islamic State group targets in Syria.

Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian says the jets have carried out new raids Tuesday evening. Speaking on TF1 TV, the French defense minister said France will have 36 fighter jets in the region capable of carrying out airstrikes on ISIS targets once the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier reaches the zone.

The carrier embarks from Toulon on Thursday.

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Earlier in the day on Tuesday France also fired airstrikes at an ISIS stronghold in Raqqa, Syria. Those airstrikes destroyed a command post and training camp according to military spokesman Col. Gilles Jaron.

France conducted sweeping raids Sunday night on Raqqa and the French president is calling for strengthened international coordination against ISIS after attacks killed at least 129 people around Paris on Friday.