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25 cars broken into, 3 stolen this week in West Hartford

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WEST HARTFORD--Police are warning residents to lock up their cars after at least nine cars were broken into overnight Wednesday into Thursday in West Hartford.

The cars, which were all unlocked, were located on Pleasant Street, Ridgebrook Drive, Greenhurst Road and Westbrook Road.

Also, overnight Tuesday into Wednesday, at least 15 cars were broken into overnight Tuesday into Wednesday. Three cars were also stolen. One of the three stolen cars was being warmed up when it was taken.

"This has always been a crime of opportunity in the colder months and we recommend at least locking your vehicle before you leave unattended," said Lt. Ted  Stoneburner of the West Hartford police.

Those incidents happened on Outlook Avenue, Westfield Road, Farnham Road,  Grennan Road, Wells Road and Elmfield Street.

Police recommend that car owners remove the following from their vehicles, as they are the most common items stolen during car break-ins:

  • GPS
  • Personal bags: purse, handbag, wallet, gym bag, backpack, brief case
  • Cell phone
  • MP3 / iPods
  • Laptops / Tablets
  • Electronic handheld games
  • Chargers – (thief may assume that the device to be charged is hidden under the seat or interior compartment)
  • Loose change

Other tips include:

  • If you see suspicious activity or a break-in in progress: Report it!
  • Park in a well lit area
  • Avoid having your car concealed by larger vehicles, fences or foliage; thieves like to work in private
  • Stow valuables before parking: experienced thieves often stake out parking lots to watch for people putting items in their trunk. Help prevent car break-ins by putting valuables into your trunk before you get to the parking lot
  • Lock your doors
  • Windows up
  • Engage your alarm
  • Take your keys with you
  • If you think you have a great hiding place for a spare key, thieves know to look above the visor, in the center console, under the floor mat, in the trunk, etc.
  • If you park your vehicle in a garage at home, lock your garage doors