UConn to give West Hartford first chance to buy Greater Hartford campus

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STORRS  —   University of Connecticut Board of Trustees voted Wednesday to sell it’s Greater Hartford campus as it prepares to move to a new downtown Hartford location.

UConn will be contacting the town of West Hartford in order to give the town the first chance to buy the land and buildings.

The property covers 58 acres and has been the site of the branch since 1970.The university expects to start in the new facility in the Fall of 2017. Costs for construction on the new campus have risen by $25 million.

“We believe the town of West Hartford knows what’s best for its community and its residents,” said Scott Jordan, UConn’s executive vice president for administration and chief financial officer in a statement. “The town is the most logical entity to own the site and determine its future.”

The town would have  45 days to decide and then UConn would move on to another buyer if the West Hartford declined.

There are five buildings that comprise the campus. Over 3,400 student, faculty and staff use the campus daily.  It’s one of the last large parcels of land available for development in town. The sites uses are limited to residential, schools, and churches, but not commercial development. The town would have control over what goes on the property through the zoning process.

The purchase price would be applied to capital projects.