Dozens take Polar Plunge into New Year in New Haven

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NEW HAVEN - Dozens of people in New Haven took a polar plunge into the new year Friday.

"This is our annual First Day New Haven Polar Plunge," said New Haven resident Doreen Abubakar. "We just love to see the excitement that the people have to go into what I consider to be ice-cold water"

"New Haveners, you know, need to come together and do things together and to encourage each other to get involved," said veteran Loreen Lawrence of New Haven.

"Last night I had some hot chocolate, said Michael Howard of New Haven. "That's one of my secrets that I'm giving away. This is something I could tell my future kids and grandchildren, in the year 2050, and I can say 'you know what Grandpa in 2016 was in that water?'"

"With everything that's going on in the world around us, parks offer people an opportunity to sit back, reflect, and recreate their environment and their surroundings, and it offers people an opportunity to enjoy themselves, and take a little time off," said Dave Demers.