Manchester’s Chuckles and Punxsutawney Phil both say spring will come early

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Connecticut's favorite rodent forecaster made her prediction  that spring will arrive early.

Chuckles, 4 year old groundhog, made the prediction Tuesday morning and was helped by the staff at the Lutz Children's Museum to make her prediction.

Of course, this season so far has been anything but winter-like, but maybe this pattern stays now that Chuckles has had her say. Check out Joe's forecast here.

Last year Chuckles predicted six more weeks of winter and it snowed through to the first day of spring.

And Punxsutawney Phil agreed. The "other" groundhog saw no shadow when he emerged from his home in a mock tree stump in western Pennsylvania, his handlers told a crowd of thousands Tuesday morning -- meaning, according to tradition, there will be early springlike weather.