‘Shoreline Fitness’ gyms suddenly close

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CLINTON — Two locations of Shoreline Fitness have suddenly closed, surprising some members.

A message was posted to members on Facebook late Saturday morning notifying them that the gym was sold and would be closed for remodeling.

According to the Facebook post, Shoreline Fitness has sold its assets to Todd Pozefsky and John Giannotti, a First Selectman in Clinton.

Members were assured that all prepaid memberships and service will be honored and that the gym will be open again “soon.”

The State Department of Consumer Protection said that customers would have access to the Department’s  Health Club Guaranty Fund located here. Consumers can call 860-713-6101 if they have questions. Consumers should have their membership contract, and proof of payment when calling.

In follow-up posts to their Facebook page, Shoreline Fitness posted:

“We were totally caught off guard as well. We knew that the new owners were remodeling but we did not know that there was going to be a disruption in the business. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience. We hope to hear from the new owners soon to clarify their plans.

I am sorry for all difficulties this has caused. The new gym will be open soon and the new owners are honoring all the memberships and services. We would never have sold memberships and services prior to the sale without the assurance from the new owners that they will honor them. They are committed to making a lot of upgrades tot the facilities. We totally agree that it was handled really poorly and we understand that it is upsetting. We had no idea that the new owners were going to close the gym for re-modeling so abruptly. I ask that we give the new owners a little time to show everyone that they are committed to making the gyms even better.”