A taste of what it is like dining in the deep in New London

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NEW LONDON - The only 4 stars at this restaurant are on the admirals.

"Being a cook, food is the morale of the sub," said Suriya Chuon, culinary specialist. "So if you put good food out there, they`re going to be happy."

This kitchen is exactly what you`d see in a Virginia Class submarine.

"It`s a Virginia-class mock galley," said U.S. Navy Master Chief Chris Nailon. 'It replicates the size and dimensions of a Virginia sub. It is a climate and a culture that you get used to."

"Right here is our stuffed mushroom with garlic knots," said Chuon. "A little mozz, a little parsley..."

When culinary specialists like Chuon are on duty, they have to serve 150 meals to 150 seamen, and it better be good, because after a bad meal, there is nowhere to hide on a submarine.

"I work for the Navy," said Chuon. "I want to make the Navy proud."