Malloy: State layoff notices expected in about 2 weeks

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HARTFORD — One by one, Democrat and Republican state leaders filed into Governor Dannel P. Malloy's office on Wednesday.

They met to discuss the impending, almost billion dollar, budget hole for fiscal year 2017.

On Wednesday morning Malloy signed into law bipartisan legislation passed by the legislature yesterday, to fix the $220 million dollar deficit for this fiscal year.

“We talked about the fact that we`re happy we came to an agreement yesterday,” said State Representative Themis Klarides, “Now, it is a new day."

A new day, with a much bigger budget problem for 2017. Malloy made it clear in the meeting layoffs are coming soon.

“He did say notices would be going out within the next two weeks,” said State Senate President Pro Temp, Democrat Martin Looney.

“The Governor has a short window in which he can act. Any layoffs have to be before June 9,” standing next to Looney, Senate Minority Leader, Republican Len Fasano said.

Malloy came out to answer questions after and confirmed layoff notices are in the near future.

What is still unclear, is the number attached to it. Malloy said it is dependent on how many people retire by April 1.

“Yeah, we`re going to have to begin the process,” said Malloy. “It is a very, very substantial number.”

Malloy also encouraged those thinking about retirement to follow through.

“If you can retire, please retire, and save somebody else`s job,” said Malloy.

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