Norwalk dad sentenced in death of infant with alcohol in system

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STAMFORD — A Connecticut father whose infant son died with a high blood alcohol level is headed to prison.

Twenty-three-year-old Jorge Chiclana, of Bridgeport, was sentenced Monday in Stamford to five years in prison, suspended after one year.

Chiclana’s 5-month-old son Jacob Isaiah Chiclana was found unresponsive in May 2014 in the family’s Norwalk home. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Chiclana was charged last year with manslaughter and risk of injury to a minor after an autopsy showed that there was a blood alcohol level of 0.04 in his son’s system. He pleaded guilty to the risk of injury charge in February for putting the alcohol in the baby’s bottle.

“I do know he made the bottle and because it looked normal I fed my son. I, you know, after three years of him doing this, I would never thought of ever looking into the bottles,” said Odalis Galarza, the baby’s mother and Chiclana’s ex-wife, after he was arrested. The couple had two other children together.

The autopsy said that the boy likely died because he was asthmatic and had been placed face-down in the crib. It also said that his breathing was likely affected because the alcohol depressed his nervous system.