Bozrah first selectman won’t step down despite arrest for threatening murder-suicide

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BOZRAH -- Glenn Pianka, the first selectman of Bozrah, says he has no plans to step down after he was arrested for making death threats against his wife.

According to a State Police warrant, Pianka was arrested and charged on March 23 after sending written and emailed messages to his wife that contained violent undertones, using phrases such as "over our dead bodies," and "this is my life and I am prepared to die defending the work of my life."

The warrant went on to say Pianka, who is going through a divorce with is wife, wrote letters to his wife's mother, father and sister detailing a plan in which he would await her arrival at their Bozrah home and he would shoot her and then himself. He didn't follow through on the plan because, according to the warrant, their daughter came home and "saved them from a tragedy."

Pianka, a retired State Police sergeant, was arrested and released on $20,000 bail.

He's still serving as the town's first selectman, but at a Tuesday night Board of Selectmen meeting, FOX 61 asked him whether he planned to remain at his position to which he replied "no comment," but later added to anyone who feels to the contrary, "Tell them to come see me and see if I'm doing my job."

Pianka faces charges of harassment, breach of peace and threatening.