Wild video shows woman fighting off 2 armed carjackers

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ATLANTA – A determined woman stood up to two armed muggers and sent them running as surveillance cameras recorded the wild struggle.

Jasmine Warren was walking back to her car outside an Exxon gas station in Atlanta Saturday evening when two men, their faces partially covered by their hoods, rushed out from behind the gas pumps, according to WXIA.

Video shows one man flash a pistol and grapple briefly with Warren before grabbing her keys and hopping into the driver’s seat of her car. Armed and sitting behind the wheel, the crook thought he was going to drive away easily — but Warren wasn’t having it.

She flung open the door and grabbed the gunman, pulling him out of the car. His accomplice can be seen rushing around the vehicle to his aid. Warren didn’t give up — even after the gunman struck her in the head with his pistol.

The men got back in the car, but, before they could get away, Warren grabbed the driver again. The men tried to beat her with their fists, but she refused to give up. Another car can be seen driving up in the background, but no one wanted to step in to stop the armed robbers.

Finally, one man can be seen yelling at Warren and then shooting in her direction as she ran toward a door to the gas station. The men gave up and ran away, stealing only her cellphone.

“I don’t recommend what she did,” Atlanta police Sgt. Warren Pickard told WGCL. “But she was brave, and she spoiled a robbery on her person.”

Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers at (404) 577-TIPS. A $2,000 reward is offered for information leading to the arrests of the two men.