Group hopes to help teens stay away from alcohol and drugs during prom, graduation season

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HARTFORD -- Students are celebrating graduation and prom this season.

The Governor’s Prevention Partnership wants parents and teens of ways to avoid mixing those parties with alcohol.

Jill Spineti, President and CEO of the Governor's Prevention Partnership, and high school student Amritha Anup, joined FOX 61 Good Day Connecticut to talk about bringing awareness about the dangers of mixing teens and a drinking.

Some stats about teens and drinking:

  • More than 6 out of 10 teens report not drinking alcohol.
  • Teens who drink are 2x more likely to engage in sexual activity, including unprotected sex and other risky sexual behaviors.
  • Teens who drink are 2x more likely to consider attempting suicide than those who don’t drink.
  • Your chances of becoming addicted are significantly decreased with each year drinking is delayed.
  • Nationally, alcohol contributes to around 5,000 deaths among youth each year.