Grocery store, Wal Mart closing in same Derby plaza

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DERBY – A second store in a Derby plaza is closing.

Adams IGA Hometown Market announced this week it will be closing on September 21. The Wal-Mart in that plaza is closing later this month.

There is a liquor store in between Wal Mart and Adams, but the owner there tells FOX 61 he has no plans to close up shop.

Adams’ closing came as a surprise to loyal customers.

“We’ve been here 25 years and this is so convenient. We can get whatever we want,” said Bill Soderberg of Derby.

Ray Delgado, another Derby resident said, “I knew that the Wal-Marts, so many were closing, so it didn’t surprise me too much on the Wal-Mart, but this here I’m really surprised. I just didn’t think this would be gone so fast.”

Derby Mayor Anita Dugatto said she was surprised as well when she received a letter from Adams earlier this week.

“I do feel bad. We're going to miss them as our business community: Adams and Walmart. But it was personal. It’s personal property, private property,” she said.

Dugatto said she is aware that their lease was not renewed.

The mayor said the city’s planning and zoning commission hasn’t received any formal or informal applications yet for either of the soon to be empty stores.

“It’s very visible on a main road, so we can only have high hopes,” Dugatto said.

Wal-Mart will close on July 29.