Foodie Friday: Doogie’s

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NEWINGTON -- Hot diggity dog... a two foot hot dog in Newington.

Doogie's has been serving up the 24-inch favorite for nearly two decades.

"It's America and what says it in greater fashion, than two feet of hot dog," said the owner. "Nobody does a two-footer."

Doogie's top-dog, Rock (he doesn't use his last name), offers up an expansive hot dog menu, which includes more than a dozen toppings.

"You can get bacon, cheese, chili, kraut, relish, peppers, the list goes on," said longtime customer Mark Ambrose.  "There's no other place in town that serves dogs something like this.

The 50's style restaurant has been voted as having the best hot dog by Rachel Ray, and over the years has scored plenty of accolades here in Connecticut.

"It's a hot dog that happens to be two feet and people love it," said Rock.

If you are feeling up to it, you can take the Doogie's challenge. That's two two-footers, fries and a drink and you have 20 minutes to put it down.

"The record now is 5 1/2, two-foot hot dogs, four of them with chili," said Rock.

Ambrose wasn't buying the challenge but did say with a laugh, "I've tackled the two-footer and it's not for the weak of heart."

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