West Hartford police issue warning after bear enters home

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WEST HARTFORD - An unusual bear sighting occurred in West Hartford Friday morning.

Around 10 a.m. a High Wood Road homeowner called police to report an animal complaint. The homeowner said that a bear had come into his home through a rear sliding screen door, and he spotted it in his den. The bear had pushed through the bottom part of the screen.

"When we see bears we're excited but in the house, excited and startled," homeowner Jeff Grody said. "It's just an exciting experience, mother nature coming too close."

Grody described the bear as a full grown, 3-400 pound bear.

By the time officers arrived the bear was gone.

The homeowner went outside when he saw the bear and called police, and stayed outside until they arrived. He didn't see the bear leave, but a neighbor did see it run away.

The screen door was the only area of the home to suffer any damage, though the bear did drink nectar from a hummingbird feeder in the backyard.

DEEP put a bear trap in Grody's front yard to hopefully catch the bear, and bring it back into the woods where it belongs.

A DEEP spokesperson said bears are stocking up on food for winter, and recommends you should keep garbage's secure and take bird feeders down.

If you see a bear, experts say do not approach it, call DEEP or police.