State police dash cam video shows dangers of standing on highway shoulder

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PLAINFIELD —  Connecticut State Police released dash cam video Friday that they hope will serve as a warning to people on the highway.

“WHOA!!!!!” State Police wrote on their Facebook page. “One of the many, many reasons troopers tell you to move away from the travel lanes and out of the shoulder. Highway dangers come in many forms.”

In the video, you can see a tow truck operator securing a car to his flatbed. The trooper stopped on I-395 in Plainfield to help a mother and her three children after their car broke down.

The trooper told all four people to stay on the passenger side of his cruiser. But, then, as cars continue to wiz by on the left, you can see their car come loose from the flatbed and start rolling straight towards them.

The trooper immediately jumped between the rolling car and the family.

“He did not hesitate to place himself between them and the danger coming at them,” State Police wrote.