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Branford police identify man’s body found on town property

BRANFORD -- Police in Branford are still investigating after a man's body was found on the morning of August 31 by a Department of Public Works employee, but his death is not considered suspicious after nearly a week of investigation.

Around 7:30 a.m., the worker was dumping dirt on the piece of land off Tabor Drive and Ark Road. The Public Works Department dumps tree stumps, dirt, etc. in that area often, according to Branford Police Captain Geoff Morgan. People also run and walk their pets there.

Police have identified the victim as Joseph Miller, 28, of Branford. It took a while because he did not have an identification card on him.

Police say Miller likely died Tuesday evening, and said they initially considered the death suspicious because there was no apparent cause of death. He did not seem to have been a jogger, police said.

On September 6, police said in an update that this is now an untimely death instead of suspicious death. The autopsy was inconclusive and they are waiting for toxicology results for a final ruling.

It's been about 30 years since a suspicious body was discovered on the side of the road in Branford, Capt. Morgan said.