Bridgeport Bluefish offer Tim Tebow a chance to start his baseball career


On Wednesday, the Bridgeport Bluefish, a local baseball team, offered former football quarterback Tim Tebow a baseball contract.

Tebow was cut by the Philadelphia Eagles in 2015, and no other teams picked up the free agent at that point. That’s when he decided to try his hand at baseball.

In August, Tebow announced his interest in playing America’s favorite pastime, and on Tuesday he held an open tryout so that Major League Baseball teams could see what he’s got. He wants to be in the outfield.

The Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback worked out at the University of Southern California’s Dedeaux Field on Tuesday. Scouts and reporters tracked, timed and recorded his every move. Tebow’s 255-pound muscled physique and 6.70-ish time in the 60-yard dash were impressive. So was a series of long homers into the trees and off the scoreboard.

However, experts say he needs some help. Former big-leaguers David Aardsma and Chad Smith repeatedly fooled him with off-speed pitches later in the hitting drills.

That’s where the Bluefish come in. The Atlantic League team is not affiliated with any MLB teams, but players are often recruited to Double A or Triple A minor league affiliates to MLB teams.

“The Bluefish welcome Tim with open arms,” said Bluefish General Manager Jamie Toole. “The Atlantic League is all about giving players opportunity, and we think Bridgeport would be a great place for him to begin his professional baseball career.”

“During his workout with over 40 scouts from 28 Major League clubs, he hit five home runs in batting practice and recorded an ‘above average’ time in the 60-yard dash,” a press release from the team said.

The Bluefish do have a history of making outrageous offers, including an offer for Brian Williams to intern with the team after he was suspended from NBC.

With additional reporting from the Associated Press.