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Manchester holds recovery rally on International Overdose Awareness Day

MANCHESTER – On International Overdose Awareness Day and just one day prior to the start of National Recovery Month, Manchester held a community event to remember those who have overdosed and encourage those on the road to recovery.

Hundreds attended the Recovery is Possible Rally in Center Memorial Park on Wednesday afternoon. Several community organizations devoted to helping addicts put the event together, including Pathfinders Association and Justice’s Fight.

“When you’re caught in addiction, it’s a place where you want to go away. You don’t want to speak to people and there’s such a stigma to it,” said Mike Pohl, executive director of Pathfinders Association.

Pohl himself is in recovery. He understands the opioid crisis isn’t going away, and people need to work together to fight it.

“I’m a person in recovery for the last 32 years, and we have lost more people in the last year to opiate addiction than in the last 31 years combined,” he said.

Recovery groups, hospitals, police and public officials were all represented at the event. People could collect information from them on addiction and support services.

Speakers shared personal stories about their own loved ones who lost their battles with addiction.  Several speakers also shared their journeys of recovery.

Pohl said, “You think that there’s just not anybody there to support you, but that’s just not true.”