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New Haven thinks outside the car

NEW HAVEN  - “Everyone always likes to have their own parking spot – unfortunately that isn’t always possible," said  Krysia Solheim with the New Haven Transportation Department

She's managing the city's third annual car-free campaign.

“The idea is to get people out biking and walking and taking the bus and taking the train,” she said.

Through September you can log onto gonhgo and earn points every time you travel to New Haven but not by car - by bus, by walking, by train, by skateboarding  - anything like that.

If you do it enough, those points lead to prizes .

“It is a month-long challenge to get people to try alternative transportation,” said Solheim.

When the program wraps up at the end of September, they’ll gather a lot of data – a lot more than just how fewer cars came into the city , and how many more came in walking or biking .

“Transportation dollars saved, gas emissions avoided, the number of car miles aborted...” said Solheim.

And when the contest ends, they're betting that the challenge will continue , leading to those health benefits, and few more dollars saved by not parking.