Safety at gas stations a hot topic after crash in Farmington caused large fire

FARMINGTON--Days after a massive fire charred several cars at a Farmington gas station, people are taking a second look at safety measures at the pump.

Dramatic video released by the Farmington Police Department showed a car back into a pump at the Citgo gas station on Main Street, and a fire quickly ignited and spread. The video shows a woman rescue two children from a car on fire.

Gas station manager Shane Mysliwiec said, "The bottom line, even if you're filling up a 20-gallon tank it'll take you about five minutes, so pay attention for those five minutes and keep everybody around you safe."

Mysliwiec had a close call Wednesday morning. He works at another Citgo station in town, and on Wednesday a customer took a smoke break while gassing up the car. That's when Myslieic had to step in and turn off a gas pump.

"Filling up, had his car running, had the gas going and was standing about five ten feet away, just smoking a cigarette like it was not a big deal," Mysliwiec said of the dangerous situation.

Meanwhile, fire departments chimed in on safety measures as well.

"There are multiple hazards that are present at gas stations, we're looking to make sure that people are aware of them. Know where fire extinguishers are, know how to get to the attendant and call for the shut off of the pumps," said North Haven Fire Department Chief Paul Januszewski.