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Gov. Malloy pledges state backup for Bridgeport Police

BRIDGEPORT -- After a spike in shootings, the Connecticut State Police pledge to provide Bridgeport Police with backup.

But after an hour and a half meeting at Troop G, Governor Malloy stopped short of saying state troopers will actually go out on patrol on city streets.

Wednesday, during a sit down interview, Chief A.J. Perez told FOX 61's John Charlton that his department was down 101 officers and that he expected to get some troopers for relief.

The governor promises that help is coming from state police, the Department of Corrections, as well as from the feds.

"We'll certainly seek to supplement efforts at any time with a specific request for investigative work," Gov. Malloy said.

Due to a lack of federal dollars, Chief Perez stated in Wednesday's interview that he's had to pull out police details from public housing complexes.

He and Mayor Joe Ganim now say they will figure out a way to get police officers back to those complexes.

Last month, 13 people were shot at a house party in the city. All 13 victims survived.