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UConn fans hopeful for a spot in the Big 12 after first game win

EAST HARTFORD – The first game of the season for the Huskies had fans leaving proud.

UConn moved ahead of Maine with 11 seconds left in the game to beat the Black Bears 24-21.

Huskies fans don’t stray far from the pack, they’re pretty dedicated to the team.

“I haven't missed a game for 10 years,” UConn Alum Rich Denver said.

Denver takes the tailgates just as serious as the game. His car is fit for the perfect pre-game experience with a grill, cooler and T.V. attached to its back side.

He's one of thousands of fans getting fueled up to cheer on the Huskies at the team’s first home game.

Proud parent Bill Rischell waited in line to cheer on his son, Will Rischell, with the rest of the team getting off the bus heading into the game.

He believes filling up the stands will be a key ingredient to getting in a Power Five Conference.

“We need some support if we're gonna go Big 12,” he said. “I think the Big 12s got their eyes on us.”

Anything is possible especially with talk of expanding the Big 12 beyond 10 teams.

“I think UConn with its good academic success and gateway to the NY and Boston TV markets seems reasonable to me,” he said.

“I think it’s a geographic thing and it’s also a money thing," Denver said. "What can they get out of it?"

Fans expressed to FOX 61 they believe Coach Diaco is heading the team in the right direction.

Many saying they're optimistic this year will be a good one, especially after opening the season with a win.