Windsor Locks police on the lookout for burglars

WINDSOR LOCKS - The Windsor Locks Police Department is warning homeowners about a rash of recent burglaries and attempted burglaries. There have been at least eleven of them in the last month. The latest was on Thursday along Green Manor Terrace.

Police said forced entry was used in most of the incidents, where suspects forced open doors, pushed window air conditioning units in, tried sliding doors and forcing windows open. They have been stealing items, including jewelry, personal items and guns.

Police said most of the robberies happened during the evening and overnight hours when it was dark. In some cases, police said, the suspects did not gain entry even though evidence showed they try to break in. Most of the homes were unoccupied at the time of the burglaries.

On Wednesday around 8pm, the burglars targeted Linda Lee Boucher's house on Bel-Aire Circle. It was the second break-in on her road. She wasn't home at the time.

"There were two suspects that came up on my porch. They had nitrile gloves on. They pushed the window up.  One climbed in and then he opened the door for the other. What they didn't realize is that my alarms were set," explained Boucher.

They ran off before police could catch them, but not before they were captured on Boucher's surveillance cameras. She handed that video off to police, and police shared still photos on their Facebook page.

Boucher said, "Don't bother coming back. That's all. Because we're all waiting for you."

Other neighbors along Bel-Aire say they are very nervous about these break ins and are taking extra precautions.

"If anything is suspicious, it's imperative not to wait to call us. Call us right away and let us get out there and try to stop these people," said Detective Sgt. Paul Cherniack with the Windsor Locks Police Dept.

Other areas affected to date include Cypress Road, Reed Circle, South Center Street, Heather Lane, Garry Road, Tinker Drive, and Briarcliff Drive.

Anyone with information about these incidents or additional surveillance video from them is asked to contact Windsor Locks PD at 860 627-1461.