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Police station opens after invading bees removed

(Image by FOX 61 affiliate WNEP-TV)

(Image by FOX 61 affiliate WNEP-TV)

CARBONDALE, Pa. — A Pennsylvania police station has reopened after being cleared of a swarm of bees that forced officers to abandon the post.

The Scranton Times-Tribune reports that the Carbondale, Pennsylvania police station was open to the public Friday.

Officers were forced to relocate when the swarm of buzzing insects invaded City Hall on Tuesday. Most of the bees settled into cracks and crevices in the third-floor brick exterior, but others managed to get inside the first-floor police station.

A beekeeper removed hundreds of insects from a hive on the exterior of the building’s third floor. Police, meanwhile, worked from other offices in the building. Workers also sealed holes where the bees likely entered the building.