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Connecticut comes in third in website’s top pizza rankings

NEW YORK - For the past four years, The Daily Meal has ranked America’s best pizza, and every year the same pizzeria — the legendary Frank Pepe’s in New Haven, — has claimed the title. While technically it might be correct to say that the emperor has no cheese (Pepe’s signature pizza is a clam pie with “no muzz” [mozzarella]), there’s nothing wrong at all with the reigning champ. Its quality hasn’t declined and the lines to get in are just as long as ever.

This year, it’s been upset by two other legendary pizzerias and New York pizza fans will be happy to know brings the crown to where they’ve been saying for years that it rightly belongs.

This year, The Daily Meal finalized a list that spanned 23 states. The top 11 states for pizza included New York (29); California (10); Connecticut (9); Illinois (9); New Jersey (5), Pennsylvania (5); Massachusetts (4); Oregon (4); Georgia (3); Rhode Island (3); and South Carolina (3).

For the fourth year, the birthplace of American pizza, New York, featured the most pizzas.

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