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Man jumps to death from moving truck after argument about tattoo

(Brittany Jones, News 13)

(Brittany Jones, News 13)

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Florida — A  Florida man was killed after he jumped from a moving pickup truck in Volusia County, according to the sheriff’s office.

The incident occurred in along West State Road 40 in Pierson Saturday night.

According to deputies, the 34-year-old man, identified as Bryan Robinson, was with two co-workers from Marion County getting tattoos.

The co-workers told deputies they didn’t want to wait for the man’s tattoo to be finished. They told Robinson that they were leaving and he could go with them or stay behind. He became upset, but left with them anyway, according to deputies.

According to the co-workers, Robinson became increasingly angry during the drive back to Marion County. As the pickup truck passed through Pierson, he opened the door and jumped out.

The driver of the truck pulled over and he and the other co-worker searched for the man. After searching for about half an hour, they called the sheriff’s office, authorities said.

Deputies launched a search for Robinson, but were unable to find him until Sunday morning. A helicopter crew spotted Robinson’s body on the grassy shoulder along West S.R. 40 during a flyover.

The investigation is ongoing.