Swastikas found spray painted around Milford park

MILFORD - Margaret Scholz was walking her dog around Eisenhower Park in Milford on Saturday, when she spotted three swastikas spray painted around the park.

"I was upset because I love this place," said Scholz. "I come here to bring the dog to relax, to take him for walks in the woods, and I don't want to see stuff like that."

Scholz noticed the first swastika on a bulletin board near where she parks her car. She then spotted two others on a park building and a porta potty.

"This is a peaceful family place," said Scholz. "Kids come playing in here with their families, so it is not something that they should be seeing either."

After spotting the offensive graffiti, Scholz called police.

"From what I heard from the police, several people called over the week to say that they're there," said Scholz.

Around 4:30 on Monday afternoon, Scholz said workers came to remove those swastikas, either scrubbing them off or painting over them.

Two smaller swastikas, marked in pen on the railings of a footbridge, remained untouched.

"Sometimes kids spray paint a little bit, but not to this extent with the swastikas," said Scholz. "We've never had anything like that."

Calls to Milford Police went unreturned because of the Labor Day holiday.