Pet of the Week — Rocket

HARTFORD--Rocket is a 4-year-old Shiba Inu, Chihuahua and Pomeranian mix, but the little man needs a home.

Rocket is neutered, trained and fully house-broken.

Unfortunately, Rocket's doggie parents are going through a divorce, and due to a change in living situation Rocket was returned to Protectors of Animals.

He is sweet and friendly, very social and likes to meet new people. He gets along with most other dogs and enjoys going to doggie day care, but is very localy and clingy to those who love him. "A comfy little shadow, but not a Velcro dog" is how Protectors of Animals describes him

Rocket would be a good first-timer’s dog, or a good match for someone who needs a dog to adjust quickly to their situation.

For more information on Rocket, or other pets that need homes, contact Protectors of Animals.

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