Anonymous person puts nearly 3,000 flags on Old Saybrook Town Green for 9/11 victims

OLD SAYBROOK - Many communities across the country have displays remembering the 15th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks. Old Saybrook does too. Not many in the community know who is responsible for it.

A woman, on a training ride, said she happened to be thinking about 9/11 when she passed this tribute today.

“It really is amazing that somebody would take the time to honor these individuals,” said Cynthia Straub of Madison. “It's just a beautiful thing. I think everybody should see it.”

Fifty volunteers, in the wee hours of Friday morning, took three and a half hours to place nearly 3,000 flags, accounting for every victim in the September 11 attacks.

“It just puts everything in reality, in perspective,” said Vickie Silvia or Old Lyme. “It's a wake up call and I think as Americans we really have to start thinking about our future never forgetting our past.”

“What we see here is great community spirit,” said Carl Fortuna, First Selectman of Old Saybrook

It is a display that honors more than the victims.

“Very importantly, they did it in honor of those who also risk their lives trying to save those folks and they did save a lot of people that day,” said Fortuna.

Flags from countries other than the U.S. are also part of the display.

“We honored every person who perished in there, no matter where they were from,” said Fortuna. “Whether it was from Europe or maybe from an area of the world where the terrorists emanated from.

The anonymous group did the same thing for the 10th anniversary.

“I was drawn to it for the entire weekend it was here the last time,” said David Noey of Old Seabrook, who visited the previous display perhaps as many as 10 times. “You know, each time just as moving.”

The flags will be on display throughout the weekend and lighting in front of Town Hall will allow visitors to take it in day or night.