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Cutting edge artwork meant to honor veterans on 9/11 in Winsted

WINSTED - An artist is creating a buzz on the Town Green in Winsted Which stands to reason, because he uses a chainsaw to create his artwork.

Jared Welcome, who hails from Winsted and is a teacher by trade, is a self-described chainsaw sculptor. When a huge, 100-year-old maple tree was destined for removal at East End Park to likely be turned into mulch, the town commissioned Welcome to create an artwork.

"We were able to give it a new life," Welcome said.

The more than six-foot tall work is carved from what remained of the maple tree and depicts the mascots from every branch of military service.

"I wanted to educate everyone about our military mascots and this is a fun way to honor them," he said.

Welcome noted that his creation took about 50 hours suspended on a scaffolding, meticulously cutting and carving the sculpture.

"Hopefully this will be a positive spin on this weekend and we can focus on that," he said of the 9/11 memorials that will be happening this weekend.

Jared Welcome owns Jarebear Carvings, to see more of his art click here.