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Middletown man dies in three-car crash


MIDDLETOWN – A Middletown died in a three-car crash in Middletown on Thursday night.

On Thursday at around 6:54pm a three-car crash happened at the intersection of Newfield Street and Fisher Road.

A Toyota Camry was traveling north on Newfield Street, believed to be stopped to make a left turn on to Fisher Road. A Honda Pilot, traveling directly behind the Camry, rear-ended it. The Camry spun around into the southbound lane of Newfield Street where it was hit again in the rear-end by a Volkswagen Passat traveling southbound. The Camry came to rest on east side of Newfield Street at the intersection of Fisher Road.

The man driving the Camry, William Fetter, 67, was pronounced dead at the scene.

The driver of the Pilot was taken to the hospital for minor injuries received during the crash, as was the driver of the Passat, also for minor injuries. The passenger of the Passat was uninjured.