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East Catholic High School football team takes a stand against athletes kneeling for anthem

MANCHESTER--Recent protests during the national anthem in pro sports has some amateurs in Manchester taking a stand.

East Catholic High School students teamed up with varsity football players to produce a video shot during their season opener over the weekend.

It cuts to different players, holding different lyrics from "The Star Spangled Banner."

Players say taking a knee during the national anthem is offensive, especially towards those serving our country.

It was in response to athletes like Colin Kaepernick, a quarterback for the San Francisco, and soccer player Megan Rapinoe kneeling during the national anthem played before games. Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas also took heat for not putting her hand on her heart when the song was played.

"We're not white Americans, we're not black Americans, we're not Hispanic Americans, we're just Americans," East Catholic Eagles running back Michael Soper said. He is half black, half white, and has experienced the very thing these players say they're protesting: hatred and racism.

"I just could not imagine having the disrespect to kneel, sit, whatever, during the national anthem considering my grandpa was a marine," team co-captain Marc Zazzaro said.

The video has already generated thousands of views on Facebook: