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Veteran paralyzed in firefight gets a brand new home built to accommodate his injuries

BETHANY -- After being paralyzed from the waist down in a firefight in 2012, Army Specialist Sean Pesce is getting a new address. The veteran who hails from West Haven will soon move to a four bedroom, two bathroom home on spacious and hilly Mesa Drive in Bethany.

army-specialist-sean-pesce"I'm really looking forward to my new home," Pesce said as he watched construction workers start to raise walls on his house.

The home is becoming a reality thanks to the organization called Homes for our Troops, with numerous sponsors like Kohler and local builder John Doran from the Niantic Bay Group.

"We've been building homes in Connecticut for 40 years and my wife and I wanted to do something to give back to the community," Doran said. "Sean found this property that he liked and here we are."

The home will be a single floor and fully accessible for Pesce, 24, and have plenty of room for guests.

"I think this is the next big check mark in my recovery," Pesce said. "It's helping me get my life back on track to where I want to be."

Doran added, "This is something special for us and to give back and to do something for our state and our community and our veterans."

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