67-year-old Navy veteran from Storrs bikes 12,000 to help veterans in need

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STORRS -- He may be 67 years old, but Michael Beattie isn't slowing down anytime soon.

The biker is finally back home in Storrs after five months on the road. Beattie's epic 12,124 mile bike journey -- you read that right, twelve thousand miles --  was designed to help feed hungry and homeless veterans. Beattie, a Navy veteran himself, traveled by bike to the four corners of the country, spreading his message and raising money.

"I kept trying to think of an idea that would be crazy enough to grab the attention of the average person," he said, "That's when I came up with the idea of trying a 12,000-mile bike ride."

Averaging about 80 miles per day, Beattie spent 152 days away from Storrs with 75 pounds of gear aboard his bike. He says the trip offered plenty of drama.

"It took me through the back roads of America where I biked through villages and hamlets that you don't see in a car. Somebody was watching over me because I was able to skirt past tornadoes, floods, I rode through dust storms in Arizona."

Thus far Beattie, has raised upwards of $15,000 for Feed Our Vets and says he is hoping more money comes in to help vets in need of food and services.

"I think I raised awareness of how vast the problem is in this country," Beattie said. "If you can just reach out and help your neighbor, that's what is important."

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