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Executor of Torrington man’s estate charged with theft


TORRINGTON — A New York City woman named executor of her Connecticut cousin’s estate has been charged with using some of the money for personal purchases, including a $40,000 minivan and $11,000 worth of appliances and electronics.

The Republican-American reports that Gina Simonaitis was held on $500,000 bond after appearing in a Connecticut court Monday on a first-degree larceny charge.

Prosecutors said when Edward Diskavich, of Torrington, died in 2013 at age 94, he left the bulk of his $1 million estate to charity. The 62-year-old Simonaitis was named executor.

Authorities said she used the money for personal purchases and wrote herself checks of $200,000 and $300,000 from the estate.

The estate’s new executor says Simonaitis also appears to have lost Diskavich’s ashes.

Her defense lawyer did not comment