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Watertown Board of Education condemns ‘hateful’ graffiti

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WATERTOWN–Police are investigating after hateful graffiti was discovered in a neighborhood.

Watertown Board of Education Chairwoman Leslie Katz Crotty told FOX 61 she first noticed the graffiti in her neighborhood around noon on Sunday, and she notified the chief of police. The chief looked into it, and it was discovered that the graffiti was in eight locations around town.

Here is a statement from Crotty:

Watertown is a beautiful community that condemns these hateful messages. In ours schools we foster a culture of respect and inclusiveness and strive to create a safe, non biased learning environment for students of all ages. It’s important that we take action as a community against this, if it goes unchecked it can lead to more dangerous types of behavior. I am confident that the Watertown Police Department is doing all it can to determine the person or persons responsible.”