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TV meteorologist’s backyard water vortex goes viral

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Television meteorologists are always on the lookout for weather phenomenon, and now one has made one in his backyard.

Marshall McPeek, morning meteorologist at the ABC / Fox station in Columbus, designed and assembled a vortex fountain in his backyard and it’s gone viral on Facebook.

The original video has been seen 20 million times and shared over 324,000 times. He was surprised and excited by the video’s popularity.

“I think it’s as mesmerizing on video as it is in person. It’s hard to look away. And the sound of the falling water is so soothing and relaxing. It creates a calming environment and let’s you just disappear into your thoughts for a few minutes,” said McPeek.

McPeek designed the vortex over the past year. Water is pumped into a Plexiglas column about two feet tall. As the water flows and spinning into whirlpool, eventually filling the column and spilling down the sides. He made several earlier versions, using a hose and a bucket.

He contracted with a local company to make the pieces to his specifications and built it in his backyard. McPeek has filed an application for a patent.