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See Watch Hill, Rhode Island from Cross Sound Ferry’s Lights & Sights Cruise

NEW LONDON - Many beautiful, unique lighthouses are off shore, and not easily accessible. But now they are easier to see, thanks to the Sea Jet, Cross Sound Ferry's high speed catamaran.

sea-jetIn addition to it's regular trips from New London to Orient Point, Long Island, the ferry is now used for lighthouse cruises on the Sound.

"Due to popularity, what we decided to do this year is add a second trip -- 'Lights and Sights' - which takes you out towards Rhode Island," explains Stan Mickus of Cross Sound Ferry.

As the boat leaves New London, a narrator points out landmarks, such as Fort Trumbull. Farther out, visitors get a glimpse of North Dumpling Island -- a privately owned spot that sports a windmill, a duck boat and a miniature replica of Stonehenge. Also visible: the Morgan Point Light, a private home, and a  castle known for comfort!

"The Simmons Castle was built by the mattress king -- the Simmons mattress family," says Mickus.  "It’s a magnificent building to see."

The boat heads towards Watch Hill, Rhode Island and approaches an area that has become a very popular spot for visitors to gaze upon!

"We saw Taylor Swift's house," says Jinx Ring of California. "It was fabulous!"

The Ocean House, a world class resort, is also visible from the water. The boat then travels past Fishers Island for stops at two lighthouses: Little Gull and Race Rock. little-gull

"What this vessel is able to do is really make a 360 so wherever you’re sitting on the vessel, you can see the lighthouse," says Mickus, noting that the two-hour trips will run through the autumn months. "Fall will be beautiful. It will be clear, we’ll see more seals."

This excursion is scenic, fun and educational for anyone who appreciates the architecture of the sea.

"I loved this trip, I thought it was fantastic," says Ring. "Seeing things from the water is a different perspective, it’s great."

Cross Sound Ferry's "Lights & Sights Cruise" runs six days a week through November. Tickets cost $28 for adults and $14 for children.  Click here for more information.