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Warm, more humid; scattered shower possible Sunday.

Tonight will not be nearly as cool as the last several nights because clouds and a southerly flow off the ocean will keep temperatures 10-15 degrees warmer than the couple nights.

Speaking of cloudy skies, when will we finally see some rain because the latest US Drought Monitor report has a majority of the state in "Severe Drought."

As most of you probably realize by now, we've been in a troublesome drought for quite some time. We have nearly a 9" rainfall deficiency statewide, which has hurt farmers' crops and shrunk reservoirs designated for drinking water. There have even been calls to voluntarily reduce water consumption amidst such dry conditions.  A few showers are possible today, but it doesn't look like a total wash-out. In fact, I would not be too surprised if we have several hours of sunshine this afternoon.  The steadiest, heaviest rains will mostly occur on Monday when and if some tropical moisture from Tropical Storm Julia potentially streams north ahead of a slow moving cold front.  Unfortunately, even if there were some decent rainfall totals by late tonight and tomorrow, it still wouldn't make the slightest impact on our current deficits. Ideally, we would need a complete jet stream pattern change that could direct rain events into Connecticut with consistent moderate rainfall for several months in order to catch up.

Most of next week will feature high pressure with sunshine and warm temperatures for this time of year.   Daytime highs will average in the upper 70's to around and over 80, which is about 5-10 degrees above normal.

And take a look at Friday night's Harvest moon as photographed by Mike Giulian Jr..

By Mike Giulian Jr.

By Mike Giulian Jr.

Forecast Details:

Tonight: Partly to mostly cloudy.  Low: 60s.

Sunday: Mostly cloudy, some sun, humid with the chance for a few showers.   High: Mid-upper 70s.

Monday: Very humid with periods of rain, with the chance for a thunderstorm. High: 70s.

Tuesday: Partly to mostly sunny, very warm for this time of year.  High: 80-85.

Wednesday: Mostly sunny, a bit cooler. High: 70s.

Thursday:  Sunny, spectacular.  High: 80.

Friday:  Mostly sunny, with above normal temperatures.  High: 75-80.

Saturday: A mix of sun and clouds, chance for a late day shower.  High: 70s.