The Stan Simpson Show: Caring for an elderly parent

HARTFORD --  Caring for an elderly parent is a challenge that -- at some point – many of us will deal with.

There can be concerns about finances, sibling conflicts, long-term housing needs and Living wills.

A  2015 study by AARP shines a light on the stress it can put on family members in charge of every day care-giving.

More than half of family caregivers here in Connecticut report they are overwhelmed by the amount of care family members need.

They face with everyday tasks like bathing and providing meals while holding down jobs.

The AARP study showed in 2013 there were  about 459,000 family caregivers in Connecticut helping a loved one and they provided 427 million hours of care.

The care amounted to $5.93 billion in uncompensated work.

Attorney Laurie B. Giles, an expert in elder care issues, is here to talk about these challenges – and how to successfully navigate them.