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After Merritt Parkway crash, 2 good Samaritans pull victim from car before it bursts into flames

NORTH HAVEN--Several people were involved in a heroic rescue on the parkway in North Haven Sunday morning.

Around 6:30 a.m. on Sunday, a car slammed into a tree on the Merritt Parkway in the northbound direction, near exit 63. It then burst into flames.

But before the fire broke out, some good Samaritans helped rescue the driver.

A viewer who said he was the father of Caleb Rhodes, 29, of Wallingford, told FOX 61 that his son was the first person on scene after the crash, and helped break a window with the help of another person. The two were able to pull the driver out seconds before the flames started. The passenger was out of the car before the good Samaritans arrived.

Rhodes sent us the picture and video above.

Meanwhile, FOX 61 also spoke to the other good Samaritan, Jared Pelletier, a firefighter from South Windsor who was driving by when the crash happened and also stopped to help the victim. Here's what he had to say:

Regarding the accident this morning on Rt15 in North Haven, I'd just like to say that I appreciate the recognition, however there were several other motorists that stopped to assist with the rescue. Going on my 6th year in the fire service, I did what was expected of me in this situation; but the others went above and beyond being just a Good Samaritan - the outcome may not have been the same had they not also stopped to help. To put yourself in extreme danger without any prior training or protective equipment just to save the life of a complete stranger; that's truly impressive. I wish the driver well and hope he recovers quickly, and extend my thanks to those others that assisted!

Police say the driver and passenger were treated for minor injuries.

"We’re extremely grateful to the volunteer firefighter who stopped to assist with this serious car crash," North Haven Fire Chief Paul Januszewski said in a statement on the department's Facebook page. "His quick actions saved a person’s life. I commend his actions and the work by North Haven firefighters this morning."

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the crash.