Former New Haven Police Chief Esserman takes job at Quinnipiac

chief esserman

HAMDEN–Weeks after leaving his police chief post in the Elm City, Dean Esserman has taken a new position at Quinnipiac University.

The school announced Esserman would work with the emergency response team. Vice President for Public Affairs Lynn Bushnell said:

Dean Esserman came aboard today as a senior professional-in-residence for emergency management response. He will examine the university’s emergency response plans to make sure we’re using the best practices to keep the university community as safe as possible.

Esserman officially resigned his post as New Haven’s police chief in early September after months of controversy, including being put on a three-week paid leave and then taking accrued sick and vacation time to extend his leave.

New Haven police officers issued a resounding vote of no-confidence in Esserman in July, and then after an incident with a waitress Esserman was placed on three weeks paid leave in late July. Residents also petitioned for his removal. Then in August, on the day he was set to return, he decided to extend his leave with accrued sick and vacation time that he had. He never returned, leading to further speculation that he’d step down after about five years in the position.

Issues peppered his five-year career with the department, including a spat at a Yale football game in 2014.