From FBI wanted poster into an ambulance: The quick capture of Ahmad Rahami

NEW YORK — Just over four hours. That’s how long it took authorities to apprehend bombing suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami after he was publicly identified by the New York Police Department on Monday.

It was a whirlwind mission that started with a mugshot and ended in a shootout on the streets of Linden, New Jersey. Here’s a breakdown of those four hours:

7:39 a.m.

The New York Police Department tweets a mugshot of Ahmad Khan Rahami and states he is wanted in connection to Saturday night’s explosion in New York

7:56 a.m.

New Yorkers receive an emergency alert asking for any information on Rahami’s wherabouts.

9:08 a.m.

A search in Elizabeth, New Jersey is underway, and Elizabeth Mayor Chris Bollwage tells CNN it is “definitely related to the Chelsea incident.”

9:34 a.m.

The New Jersey State Police issues a release on Facebook stating Rahami is wanted for questioning in relation to Saturday morning’s Seaside Park explosion as well.

10:56 a.m.

The New Jersey State Police says they believe Rahami is also connected to the pipe bombs found near an Elizabeth train station.

11:17 a.m.

First reports that Rahami is in custody begin to surface. His capture is confirmed minutes later. Rahami was captured during a shootout with law enforcement in Linden, New Jersey. A witness told CNN Rahami looked “dazed” and was “down and out.”

Rahami was seen on a stretcher being loaded into an ambulance.

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