Man charged with theft of bronze plaque from Colt Park


HARTFORD — A man has been charged with the theft of a bronze plaque from the Colt Park in Hartford.

The piece of Hartford history was stripped from a monument and then recovered. The bronze crest, ripped out from the monument to Samuel Colt in Colt Park, is in pieces.

Colt Jim Griffin, with The Sam & Elizabeth Colt Industrial and Frontier Heritage Center, says he found what was left of the plaque at a scrap yard near the park, over by the Sports and Medical Sciences Academy, which is a Hartford magnet school.

The thief stole the historical piece some time last week.

Police have charged Rafael Sanchez, 62, of Hartford with the theft, Deputy Chief Brian Foley said. He is charged with larceny and criminal mischief.

“We’re really happy to get it back, it needs some repair, the good news on this is we’ve already been in touch with some real craftsmen who say that they can help us put it back together,” Griffin said.  “It’ll look they say like new.”

Griffin says the scrap yard helped identify Sanchez who has been bringing scrap there for a long time, and turned that information over to Hartford Police.