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Train commuters refuse to allow terrorist attacks to deter their usual activities

NEW HAVEN - Considering one of the weekend's backpack bomb discoveries was made at a train station, travelers from New Haven's Union Station were on alert Monday.

Some Metro-North commuters said they were relieved by word late Monday morning that the massive, coordinated law enforcement effort to apprehend the primary New York and New Jersey backpack suspect was fruitful so soon.

"You've got a lot of them (law enforcement) out there to do it," said William Allen, who was waiting for his train to Bridgeport. "It's good for them. It's good for us. It's good for the country."

Greg Sce, a native of Southington who now lives in New York City, said his girlfriend was about 10 blocks from the explosion Saturday night, in the city's Chelsea neighborhood.

"I was up visiting an old college buddy in Essex," said Sce. "You feel like a certain amount of disconnection."

A group from Hamden Hall Country Day School, including some 60 kids, was waiting to board an Amtrak to Washington D.C. when one of their trip coordinators said they are used to having to traverse travel troubles the past few years, including the Naval shipyard shooting and a train derailment outside of Philadelphia.

For the foreseeable future, extra K9s will patrol train stations, ferries and bus depots between New Haven and New York City as part of the Connecticut State Police Mass Transit Security Team.

"Our dogs are specifically trained to rule out those items as being hazardous or not hazardous," said Sgt. Steve Ostroski Of the Connecticut state police.

As always, if you see something, say something. You can always call 911, text the number 274637 with a message starting with TIP711, or call Homeland Security's tipline at 1-8600-HLS-TIPS.