Fugitive who hid out for 48 years after escaping Georgia work camp won’t be extradited

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SHERMAN–An elderly man who nearly 50 years ago escaped from a work camp he was sentenced to 17 years in will get to live out the rest of his life in Connecticut.

Robert Stackowitz, 71, was two years into a prison sentence in Georgia for armed robbery when he escaped in 1968. He traveled to Sherman, Connecticut, where he’s lived ever since. He was arrested on May 9 as a fugitive from justice after applying for Social Security.

Stackowitz has been fighting for months with Georgia’s Department of Corrections, arguing that due to health issues he is not able to return to Georgia to serve out his sentence. He had requested a commutation.

Initially, the Georgia DOC disagreed and wanted him to come back, but on Tuesday Stackowitz’s lawyer, Norm Pattis, confirmed to FOX 61 that the documentation regarding his client’s health led the Board of Pardons and Paroles to rethink that position.

Connecticut agreed to the terms, which state that a parole supervisor would monitor Stackowitz until 2022, when his sentence would be complete.

Stackowitz is suffering from heart failure, bladder cancer, diabetes and other ailments, and was hospitalized in May for possible kidney failure, just weeks after his arrest.

“[It would] probably kill me, to be honest with you,” Stackowitz told FOX 61 in May about the possibility of him returning to prison to finish up his 17-year sentence. “My health is not good.