2 convicted felons arrested in Hartford with assault weapon, large capacity magazine

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HARTFORD–Police made a difficult arrest on Friday that could have ended much differently.

At 7:39 a.m. officers got information that an armed person with an assault weapon was on Risley Street in Hartford.

Hartford patrol officers devised a tactical plan, set up a perimeter in the area to ensure if a gun went off no one was hurt, and approached on foot.

While officers were moving in, they noticed a group of people congregating around a parked car, and saw one person with what police identified as a Bushmaster AR 5.56 mm assault rifle. The officers were able to swiftly detain and secure all the people on the scene, as well as the assault rifle, without any weapons being discharged.

While investigating, police also found what they identified as an Interarms Firestar .40 caliber pistol.

Two men–Horace Kelly, 20, of Hartford; and Nicki Butler, 20, of Wethersfield–were arrested and interviewed by Shooting Task Force detectives. Both are convicted felons.

Kelly is charged with possession of an assault weapon, criminal possession of a firearm and possession of a large capacity magazine. Butler is charged with criminal possession of a pistol, pistol without a permit and weapons in a vehicle.